Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I’d Love to Meet

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme where every Tuesday we look at a particular topic for discussion and use various (or more to the point ten) bookish examples to demonstrate that particular topic.  Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and future weeks’ topics can be found here. This week’s topic is…

Authors I’d Love to Meet

(Let’s pretend they’re all still alive, shall we?)

How could anyone resist the enigma of Emily Brontë? Because of her reclusiveness, most of what we know about her comes from other people such as her older sister Charlotte, who spoke of her as an untamed child of nature. Supposedly, Emily preferred animals to humans, and loved sparingly but intensely. I doubt she’d be interested in meeting me, but maybe I could bribe her with a baby hare or something.

My first Raymond Chandler was a second-hand, slightly beaten-up copy of “The Big Sleep”, which I fell madly in love with. The previous owner had doodled all over Raymond’s photo on the back cover and made him look like a badass drag queen. I’d love to meet him so I could find out if he’s as cool and hardboiled as his stories. Though I don’t know if I’d recognise him without big hair, lipstick and a beauty mark.

Roald Dahl was such a huge part of my childhood, there’s no way I could pass up the chance to meet him.

This 86-year-old writer of spy novels has probably given me more sleepless nights than any other man. I guess that’s just my type. He has also led an interesting life, working for MI6 before becoming a full-time author. He would probably be tight-lipped about his career, but a girl can dream.

The poet, playwright and famous wit is on everyone’s list of fantasy dinner party guests, isn’t he? Also, I lived in Reading for three years and he spent a year and a half in Reading Gaol because gay was illegal in those days. So that’s a conversation topic to awkwardly skirt around.

This is purely because she seems like a lovely person. Follow her on Twitter and you won’t regret it. She’s full of excellent, down-to-earth advice and good humour.

Everyone who knows which Hogwarts house they belong to (Ravenclaw for life) owes a debt of gratitude to good old J.K. Other people who owe her a debt of gratitude include parents of reluctant readers, the British tourism industry, brainy girls with frizzy hair who needed Hermione Granger for a role model, and everyone who enjoys seeing her troll Donald Trump. I’d just like to thank her for everything.

Hopefully he could teach me a bit about ships. I adore his books, especially the Aubrey – Maturin novels set in the British navy during the Napoleonic wars. However, I often find myself reading several paragraphs and all I get from them is “The ship did a thing and now the British are winning, hooray!”

If someone can write accessible atheistic philosophy and a damn good adventure story, all in one neat little trilogy, they are probably interesting to talk to.

Obviously it would be great to talk to her about the creation of Frankenstein, but frankly I want to get her tipsy and ask her intrusive questions. I’d like to find out if Shelley was as much of a douche as people on the internet say he was. I’d like to ask her if she really lost her virginity on her mother’s grave. Y’know, just girl talk.

So there’s my list. Whilst writing it, I realised it was mostly made up of dead white guys (and a couple of dead white girls) so if you have any ideas for making it a little more diverse, feel free to add suggestions in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I’d Love to Meet

    1. I thought of leaving JK Rowling off the list because it seemed too obvious, but honestly there’s no way I’d pass up the chance to meet her. And I’d like to throw a Halloween party and invite Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and Stephen King, haha!


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