2020 Reading Recap

There’s no getting around it – 2020 was a shit show. And books, as always, were a reliable source of comfort, escapism and inspiration. I finished 27 in total, which I know is hardly anything compared to some committed readers, but I feel like 2.25 books a month is pretty respectable.

As for the type of books I read, I did notice a couple of trends. I read more non-fiction than usual this year (inevitable for a grad student) and I read more books from series. I also stepped out of my comfort zone and read some very girly, fluffy chick lit.

My favourite/least favourite books of 2020

Maybe this makes me a basic bitch, but I finally read Gone Girl and I absolutely adored it. I want to read everything Gillian Flynn has ever written and get a tee-shirt with Amy Dunne’s “cool girl” monologue on it!

The most disappointing book I read was probably Death Comes to Pemberley. I was all set to enjoy Elizabeth and Darcy solving murder cases together, but that dream was just too good to be true. Elizabeth hardly gets a look in, and Darcy gets embroiled in a boring courtroom drama.

My reading goals for 2021

  • Read more YA. This is appalling, but I didn’t read a single YA book in 2020. I plan to make up for it in 2021.
  • Read more sci-fi. I generally lean more towards fantasy (sci-fi’s hippy older brother) but in 2021 I will give sci-fi the attention it deserves.
  • Read more indie-published/self-published books. Find hidden gems and support scrappy authors making a living outside the mainstream? Yes please.

Recommendations are very welcome. If you can recommend an indie-published or self-published YA with sci-fi elements I will be eternally grateful!

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