Poetry Stuff

It’s poetry time y’all! Firstly, a quick update on my upcoming chapbook Monster-Hunting for Girls Aged 8-14. This will now be published in late October, and I don’t mind the delay because it means the release date will be appropriately close to Halloween! Dancing Girl Press have sent me the galleys and the front cover and it’s all looking goooooood.

Meanwhile, here’s a little poem about childhood that wasn’t quite right for the chapbook, but I still like it.


I’m seven and a bit.

It’s the first of September.

I leave a fairy cake by the fireplace

for St Adamantine.

She is my favourite virgin martyr

because her name sounds like Wolverine’s claws.

Also, I have got her mixed up with Santa

and think she will come down the chimney

to bless the fairy cake

that I have now licked all the icing off.

I’m scrawny, because I only eat

the bits I want to eat.

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