About Me

Name: Cora Ruskin

Gender: Female

Age: 33

What I do: Write stories and poetry full of dark humour, animals, and intense, complicated friendships.

What I actually do: Study part-time for a MSc in Science Communication, and work at a charity supporting victims of crime. Writing is squeezed into the gaps in between.

I enjoy writing: Dialogue, thought processes, awkward dinner scenes.

I don’t enjoy writing: Exposition, fight scenes, sex scenes.

I wish I could write like: John le Carre (for the style) or Margaret Attwood (for the characters).

I blog about: The writing life. Personal experiences and practical advice. General bookish stuff.

Currently fangirling about: Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames. It’s like Kings of the Wyld, but funnier and with lots of badass queer women!