About Me

Hi there, my name is Cora Ruskin, and I’m a writer of fiction and poetry. When it comes to fiction, I’m a genre slut who can’t commit, and I’ve written everything from YA contemporary to horror. My poetry is mostly free verse, and I have a real fondness for character poems.

Here are some things that pop up repeatedly in my writing:

  • Intense, complicated friendships. I like to lavish attention on platonic relationships because that’s where my heart is.

  • Dark humour. I have a dark sense of humour on account of all the Roald Dahl I read growing up, and it got several shades darker after starting my current job (I work for a charity that helps victims of crime).

  • Mysteries. Big, small, solved or unsolved, main plot or subplot, I just love a good mystery.

  • Asexual and/or aromantic characters. I’m aro-ace myself and I like to write characters that reflect my own experiences.

  • Magic and monsters. Although much of what I write isn’t suitable for kids, I’ve never outgrown witches, vampires, ghosts and ghoulies, and my writing is full of them.

If any of this is your cup of tea, you can find links to my work on the Published Work page. VOCSS might be a good one to start with (unless you don’t like horror) because it’s short and free!

This blog is about writing, but also about reading, because I’m a giant fangirl when it comes to books and I need a place to flail about all my favourites. I am ALWAYS looking for recommendations.