Published Work

Other People’s Butterflies is my debut novel. It’s a YA contemporary with some 1940s spy drama mixed in because why not? Think Harriet the Spy meets Gossip Girl, with an aro-ace protagonist.

My short story Spacegirl and the Martian, featured in the anthology Common Bonds, is about a superhero and her nemesis and why they can’t escape from each other.

VOCSS is a short horror story. Tyler is a troubled and complicated kid, his dad is a bad bastard (and possibly a vampire), and Beverly is out of her depth.

’16 Flavours of Ghost’ is a poetry chapbook exploring life, death, and particularly the bit in-between. If you live in the UK and fancy a copy for £8 (postage included), just message me on Twitter @corastillwrites. If you’d prefer a digital copy for £4, email

The Problem with Magic Shows is a poem about Vegas magicians and human connection. It’s also vibrantly and uniquely illustrated.